• Vitrek 950 Series

    Vitrek 950 Series

    Test and Measurement Forget what you’ve learned about typical high voltage insulation testers – Vitrek has incorporated advanced DSP technology into the new 950i series to bring you the fastest, most capable, feature rich hipot testers available for a surprisingly low price.

  • Vitrek 948 964i

    Vitrek 948/964i

    Vitrek 964i Hipot High Voltage Switching System with GPIB The Solution to Multi-point Automated Hipot Dielectric Testing

  • Vitrek-V7x Series

    Vitrek-V7x Series

    High Performance, Low Cost AC/DC/IR/GB Hipot With color touch LCD & high speed DSP technology, the compact and rugged V7X sets the standard for price/performance ratio. Made in the USA to meet tough UL, TUV and IEC requirements the V7X provides unbeatable speed, accuracy, safety and reliability.